Landlord Tenant

Each state has its own landlord tenant laws, which can be complicated and arduous to understand. Landlord tenant disputes are very common. Yet, you can avoid these disputes if you have an experienced lawyer. Landlord tenant disputes may have serious financial implications. An innocent mistake may result in significant financial loss. Washington and Oregon landlords may have to pay their tenant’s attorney fees — even if a tenant has not paid his or her rent. If faced with a landlord tenant dispute, having an experienced, assertive landlord tenant attorney is crucial for success.

McCarthy Law is a trusted source for Columbia Gorge landlords seeking help with a variety of legal services related to landlord tenant disputes. Attorney Staci McCarthy leads our landlord tenant legal team. We make life easier for landlords by handling the uncomfortable and arduous tasks surrounding landlord tenant disputes.

Washington and Oregon Landlord Tenant Legal Services:

  • Evictions and forcible entry and detainer (FEDs)
  • Notice of terminations
  • Residential rental agreements
  • Commercial leases
  • Nonpayment of rent and recovery of fees

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