Debt Collection

McCarthy Law helps clients collect money they are legally owed. An experienced Oregon debt collection law firm, McCarthy Law applies the same results-oriented ethic to all debt collection cases. Led by attorney Staci McCarthy, McCarthy Law is an Oregon debt collection law firm serving creditors, landlords and individuals seeking divorce or child support payments.

Every state has different collection tools, including liens on real property, garnishments of wages and/or bank accounts, execution on personal property and debtors exams. McCarthy Law helps clients use all the legal tools available to them to achieve the best possible financial outcomes. This Oregon debt collection law firm has a proven track record for winning lawsuits and ensuring clients receive the payments they deserve.

Washington, Oregon and California Debt Collection Legal Services:

  • Contracts
  • Debtor Exams
  • Fraudulent transfers
  • Garnishes
  • Writs of Execution

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