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We help you navigate the hard but necessary steps surrounding a divorce, advocate for you in court, and serve as an ongoing resource.

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Child and Spousal Support
If you’re paying support, we help ensure your money is being used for the proper purpose. We help with custody and other legal matters.

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Child Custody
We help parents explore options and finalize court agreements related to custody and parenting time agreements.

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Estate Planning
McCarthy Law is a full-service firm in Hood River, Oregon, focused on family law, civil litigation, debt collection, and landlord tenant disputes.

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Staci McCarthy is a well-respected trial attorney based in Hood River, Oregon. She focuses on family law, civil litigation, debt collection and landlord-tenant law. She believes that all clients, regardless of their situation, deserve an experienced and responsive attorney.

Meet Staci

Samantha Benton is a 4th generation Hood River resident. She is an experienced family law and estate planning attorney who has background as an advocate in both the public and private sectors. With calm assurance, she helps families and clients come up with practical solutions to the big issues impacting their lives.

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